Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas For Your Business

Many of today’s consumers are more concerned about the environment than ever before. As a result, they’re interested in packaging supplies that are both eco-friendly and sustainable. Many companies have responded by rolling out environmentally-friendly packaging solutions that allow them to reduce their overall environmental footprint, while building brand loyalty at the same time.

Here are some ways you can help your company become more eco-friendly when it comes to packaging:

Optimize Your Use of Materials

Optimizing your usage can mean reducing the number of packaging layers or the size of the packaging itself. There are many software tools that let you find the right combination of packaging material and container size, even if your products are oddly shaped.

There are many eco-friendly ways to securely package your products so that they reach the end-user without risking damage. For example, instead of wrapping items in the usual bubble wrap, you may be able to use air cushion rolls instead. While Styrofoam is commonly used as a material to secure goods while they’re being shipped, it’s bad for the environment. Various new kinds of eco-friendly protective materials exist and they offer very good shock absorption capabilities.

Use Recyclable and Biodegradable Packaging Supplies

The problem with many types of packaging is that it often ends up clogging landfills for decades after it’s been discarded. This is why you should always make an effort to use materials that are either recyclable of biodegradable.

Cardboard and paper are recyclable, reusable and biodegradable. They’re also quite versatile and can be used to pack a variety of items, such as foods, medicine and consumer goods.

Advances in technology have resulted in the development of biodegradable plastic. It’s a new type of plastic that decomposes on its own when exposed to sunlight. This gives it a unique advantage over traditional plastics.

Take Advantage of Modern Printing Technology

Many businesses, especially those who sell items that are displayed at retail outlets, need to include attractive texts and pictures on their packages. The problem with that is that many ins are harmful to the environment and come from non-renewable sources.

The good news is that various eco-friendly alternatives have been developed in the last decade. There are inks made from milk proteins or food items instead of chemicals. They have a lower environmental impact and packaging materials using them can be recycled a lot easier.

Use Minimalist Packaging Whenever Possible

To prevent waste and pollution, you should always choose the smallest practical packaging solutions for your items. If needed, you can create custom packaging boxes, which can be very useful if your items are oddly shaped. By using less packaging, you prevent waste and can also save money as your items take up less space in storage.

Choose the Lightest Packaging Materials For the Job

Whenever possible, you should use the lightest packaging materials available to you. For example, plastic is not only lighter than aluminum or steel, but it also takes much less energy to manufacture. Using lighter packaging also helps the environment by reducing the amount of fuel used during shipping.

Provide Packaging Materials That Can Be Reused

Many companies are now packing their items in materials that can be reused. One of the most famous examples is a bad introduced by fashion brand Puma. To package their shoes, they use a cardboard sheet covered by a reusable bag. The entire combination weighs less, takes up less space and eliminates the need to use another bag to carry the shoe box. The consumer can later reuse the bag for a variety of other purposes, instead of throwing it away.


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